• Golf Outing with ACE Hardware Stores

    Perfect day for an Alpine Sponsored Golf Outing with ACE Hardware Stores. Thanks to all the ACE team members who came out to enjoy this outing with our President/Owner – Robby Soofer! Continue reading
  • 2017 Hoedown Best Booth Contest Winner

    Alpine Corporation came in first this year at the 2017 Mid-States Hoedown Best Booth Contest! We'd like to give special thanks to our Showroom Designers, Marketing and Sales teams that work hard to not only make sure our booth stands out on a crowded show floor but that it provides an engaging experience for our customers. Continue reading
  • Fill the Night with Color

    Fill the night with the warm glow of these LED jar string lights. Set the right mood in any room or brighten up your outdoor space. Made of beautifully blown glass with a hemp string tied around each jar. Available in warm white and multi-colored versions. Includes 6 hour battery timer for hassle-free operation. Continue reading
  • Enjoy Music Outdoors with a Solar Rock Speaker

    This fully solar-powered speaker is perfect for any outdoor area. While the speaker is portable and light-weight, it is also weather-resistant, designed to withstand extreme climate change. The rock design (available in brown or gray) allows it to blend seamlessly into your landscape and its Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility with 50 ft. range allows for easy connectivity with no need for wires. Compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows products and other Bluetooth capable devices.Solar Bl Continue reading
  • Add a Sense of Playfulness to a Room

    Add a sense of playfulness and rustic beauty to a room with this six tiered fountain. Watch as water from a seemingly floating teapot jumps from planter to planter in a joyful stream. Place this wonderful fountain anywhere to liven up your space. 6 Continue reading
  • Light Up Your Lawn for the Holidays

    Light up your lawn for the holidays with these festive multicolored garden stakes. These fully solar powered ornaments make any outdoor space feel alive with their flickering flame-shaped bulbs. As night falls these stakes automatically illuminate using the power they gather during the day. No need to switch them on and off. 3 Continue reading
  • Enhance Your Store Power

    Enhance your store power with Alpine's merchandising system. We have a great tool to display your solar products without the use of a dark room and batteries. It will provide customers with a comfortable visual environment which will drive up sales, increase your margin, and create product awareness.Features: Continue reading
  • Introducing Alpine’s New Eco-Friendly Pumps

    Introducing Alpine’s New Eco-Friendly Pumps Alpine Corporation is excited to introduce two new pumps lines in early 2016: Eco-Twist and Eco-Storm. Both lines focus on reducing energy consumption while maintaining high flow rates and power. Eco-Twist and Eco-Sphere will feature a full line of pumps with flow rates ranging from 1400 to 5400 GPH. Eco-Twist Continue reading

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